Study: People See Black Children as Less Innocent and Less Young Than White Children


Photograph of two young black boys

In the graph below, their research shows the shows the number of use of force incidents by officers in the study:

The below graph shows the results of the study of mean age overestimation by college participants (left) and, frighteningly of police officers (right) in the study:

Police participants in particular grossly overestimated the age of black children when they suspected them of felonies especially. In fact, when a police officer suspected a white child of a felony, they underestimated their ages on average. College students also mimicked this trend in grossly overestimating the age of black children they suspected of felonies vs. white and latino children.

"[T]he implicit dehumanization of Blacks," the study’s authors write, “was a significant predictor of racial disparities in the use of force against children” — though they’re clear to note that it is “plausible that negative interactions with Black children disproportionately produce implicit anti-Black dehumanization.”

The humanity and innocence of black children and their bodies does not exist in our virulently antiblack society. Even criminal white children will still be seen as children, whereas black children are simply miniature adults bound to fill another bed in the prison industrial complex. Sickening.

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